Top 10 Restaurants in Edmonton

Top 10 Restaurants in Edmonton

Top 10 Restaurants in Edmonton

As the capital of Canada’s largest beef-producing province, it comes as no surprise that meat dominates the restaurant scene in Edmonton. From great BBQ to the finest steak, meat-lovers can have their day in the sun here. But foodies in general should know that Edmonton offers so much more. With European-style cafes and wood-clad eateries that look out over the Rocky Mountains, many local chefs create unique takes on traditional dishes.

Edmonton is indeed one of North America’s finest food destinations. Here’s why.

Padmanadi Restaurant

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Padmanadi           Price: $

This is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant that will have you coming back, time and again. The owner hails from Jakarta, Indonesia and has been in the restaurant business for over 40 years. As a result, the menu is perfectly infused with a variety of flavours. Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, and Indian creations all have a prominent place. Any meat-lovers who may fear disappointment will swoon at the hearty Indian-inspired dishes offered here.



Cafe Leva Edmonton

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Café Leva               Price: $

Can you really beat a café where not only can you get a killer espresso, but delectable pastries, wine, and pizza? Here in this relaxed, downtown setting overlooking leafy-lined sidewalks, you can indulge both breakfast and lunch lovers at the same time! Pair an outstanding cappuccino with a freshly-baked Neapolitan pizza.



Canteen Restaurant Edmonton

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Canteen                 Price: $$

As one of the best brunch spots in the city, Canteen believes the big things are in the details. Brunch plates are brought to your table beforehand, and everything on your plate has a purpose. Try the wonderfully moist fried chicken and waffles, with a touch of walnut pesto. Or order the short rib with egg, where the buttery meat practically melts in your mouth. And for the carb lover, there is always the lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes. Yum.



Sofra Restaurant Edmonton

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Sofra Turkish Restaurant & Wine Cellar                    Price: $$

Here you will find incredibly authentic Turkish food – a true slice of Istanbul. The interior is exotic, allowing patrons to really dive deep into Turkish culture with all their senses. Grilled meat, kabob veggies, and spicy salads blend together with the surroundings, sweeping you away into the Old Country. The hummus and house-made pitas go well with stuffed zucchinis. And while you’re waiting for that, share the traditional meze as an appetizer.



Biera Restaurant Edmonton

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Biera      Price: $$

Chef Christine Sandford has crafted an incredible menu, including yogurt gnocchi with toasted bread bouillon that melts in your mouth. The charcoal-grilled meats with red plum umeboshi sauce or elderflower verjus glaze are also a popular dish. Biera’s signature sourdough, coming out fresh with kefir butter and whipped lardo should start every meal. All dishes are meant to be shared, and partnerships with local brewing companies ensure that your meal is paired with the finest local brews on tap.



Select Cafe Edmonton

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Select                      Price: $$

This downtown restaurant takes fusion to the next level, offering a variety of dishes from various countries. Where else in town (or the whole of Canada?) can you find prawn bibyani, palak paneer, cheeseburgers, and cheese sticks on the same menu? It is Canadian multiculturalism at its finest, without the hefty price tag.



Three Boars Edmonton

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Three Boars         Price: $$

Here is a casual dining spot that takes it up a notch or two while not taking itself too seriously. Three Boars serves locally-inspired dishes paired with the freshest ingredients will ensure that this will be one of your favorite frequent hot spots. They offer small plates, and on Sunday and Monday, they have Industry Nights with specials.



Pho Hoan Pasteur

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Pho Hoan Pasteur              Price: $$

Edmontonians love their pho, and Pho Hoan Pasteur place has fed their need for a long time. It has become a Vietnamese staple in town, with their lip-smacking, rich broth. Their tender slices of brisket pack tons of flavour that beats out their bland-flavored competition across town. Pro tip: Unless you’re hungry enough to eat the weight of a small child, order the “small bowl” – it’s a full-on meal.



Corso 32 Edmonton

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Corso 32                Price: $$$

Led by Chef Daniel Costa, this Italian eatery is famous for its steak. Yes, steak. Corso 32 is of Edmonton’s fancier dining spots, and all ingredients are locally-sourced. The pastas are made in-house by hand. Try the pasta tasting menu to share, and prepare to be blown away. If pasta isn’t your thing (hello, Italian!) then try the Chinook Salmon Mandorlata. To die for! Make your reservations, as the restaurant is small and very popular.



Lux Steakhouse Edmonton

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Lux Steakhouse and Bar Price: $$$

Located in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown financial district, this is where locals and visitors alike come to relax with an exquisite steak. The stylish setting evokes a trendy NYC establishment, with added touches such as a waterfall, dark wood, plush upholstery, and vaulted ceilings. The menu boasts classic steakhouse with enough contemporary twists to keep things interesting. Along with your peppercorn-rubbed ribeye, opt for a side of lobster mac and cheese. Simply delectable. The wine list is superb and the service is friendly yet professional.



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